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Call Center Services

We offer premier contact center services, with solutions to fit just about every outsourcing scenario our clients require. Whether customer care, sales, tech support, retention, or affinity, our handpicked partner centers will deliver the results you expect and demand. We have gone to great lengths to select only the very best owner operated centers throughout Central and South America where English mastery and accent neutral speech are the minimum requirement, not the exception. Our PCI, ISO, and HIPPA compliant centers cater to clients with some of the most stringent governance/compliance requirements in the world. To become a certified center, our partner facilities must pass a thorough audit and inspection process where all aspects of the organization are evaluated. Only one in 10 centers pass our selection criteria ensuring only the very best program performance.

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I.T. Compliance

Our call center technology experts will work with your center to ensure your architecture and Info-Sec strategies will deliver a level of service worthy of a 99.9999% rating. We’ll help you identify the gaps, point out your vulnerabilities, and help you mitigate them through effective remediation strategies to ensure you are realizing maximum benefit from your call center technology investments. Our Advisors will help your call center build the right technology road-map with the right level of investment, ensuring your center remains globally competitive.

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Services Bench Marking

Want to know where your center ranks among other top near-shore/onshore call center providers? Are your customer experience, FCR, AHT, sales, and retention metrics on par with the rest of the global call center community? Subscribe to our Premium Services and you’ll have access to all of our center assessments including all available performance data from the center. We’ll help you make the most informed decision regarding where to place your program.

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Program Management

Nidrah Global offers full service program management under a “thin management” model. Clients with sophisticated mature outsourced operations shouldn’t have to double pay for a suppliers overweight management structure, especially when the client doesn’t really directly benefit.

Nidrah Global has solved this by offering our clients program management support through a dedicated client services account manager, while at the same time maintaining a lean internal management structure. This helps to keep prices low and allows clients to avoid double paying for a supplier management team they can never fully utilize.

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Process Design and Engineering

The key to operating an efficient, high performing center, lies in the efficiency of the centers process backbone. Has your center created a process backbone consisting of a series of repeatable steps that integrate across all functions? Does your process backbone contain the necessary controls to ensure compliance, quality, and process integrity? Is your process documented and optimized with redundant or non-value added steps removed? Nidrah Global follows a “Big-Four” style approach to both auditing then designing/redesigning a process backbone for your center that ensures optimal performance.

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Near Shore Market Research

Coming Soon – Nidrah Global has fully leveraged big data and the information age to amass a substantial amount of market data for hundreds of leading contact centers in Central and South America. When you subscribe to our Premium Services, we’ll give you direct access to all of this rich data so that you can keep abreast of the near shore market, compare cost/pricing, scan for new partners, evaluate regions and conduct outsource feasibility studies without having to travel extensively to the regions in order to evaluate the centers first hand. Our data will save you time and money and allow you to make the best decision possible by putting key near shore market data at your fingertips.

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