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Breath Taking Customer Experience

You have entrusted us with your most valuable asset, your customers. Our agents and our interaction centers are an extension of you, an extension of your values, your beliefs, and your brand. Our outsource services exist to serve a single purpose and that’s to serve your customers as you would have them served. To represent, embody, and project the very best of you and the best of your brand.

There’s an essence or “X” factor to an extraordinary customer experience. Your customers know it when it happens. They can describe it, delight in it, and feel energized by it. At Nidrah Global, we believe extraordinary customer experience happens at the intersection of passion, experience, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our secret is pretty simple: hire the best, give them the tools to be successful, then get out of the way and let them shine. That’s our commitment to our employees; that’s our commitment to you.

Seamless Patient Diagnostic Concierge Services

At Nidrah Global, we understand what your patients are going through. For many, the diagnostic imaging tests they need to schedule could become the most important pictures ever taken in their lifetime. That’s why it’s critical you entrust your patient diagnostic appointment setting to the experts.

We’ll help patients set the most convenient time, review with them the required paperwork for the test, run through all pre-test procedures, and finally, offer customized directions to the testing center of their choice. Our schedulers will guide your patient through the entire appointment setting process with a level of empathy and professionalism unmatched in the industry. Whether scheduling a low modality or a complex, multi-stage high modality test, our agents possess the skills and experience you need for this vital patient interaction service.

Learn more about our Diagnostic Imaging Appointment Services

Customer Contact Centers of Excellence

Nidrah Global provides multi-lingual full customer life cycle interaction services from outbound survey, sales, and affinity to inbound customer care, service, sales, and retention.

No matter the channel, medium, or technology, Nidrah Global can design and deliver standalone or integrated solutions to meet your total customer interaction needs.

Learn more about our voice, chat, Omni channel, and work-from-home solutions

Regulatory, Compliance, and InfoSec based Solutions

At Nidrah Global, we believe a center’s process backbone isn’t just important. We believe its the single most important factor in driving success for your program. Our centers have invested in rigorous and disciplined process methodologies ensuring efficient, repeatable, and measurable operations. We foster in our center leaders a burning curiosity to understand why things work the way they do; to probe, question, and sample data in order to gain deeper insights and drive better results. We don’t just manage what we measure, we continually evolve our thinking in the pursuit of excellence.

Whether you require PCI, HIPAA, or simply have demanding governance, compliance, or InfoSec requirements, Nidrah Global has the experience and process discipline to deliver.

Learn more about our PCI, HIPAA, and InfoSec solutions

Live Tech Support and Corporate I.T. Solutions

Don’t settle for agents marketed as quasi-technical. At Nidrah Global, we’re the real deal. We know I.T. like nobody’s business! Need a customer facing N-tier Help Desk for your consumer direct service lines, technical products, RMA, and services? Nidrah Global has the people, tools, and processes to deliver a highly effective and efficient tech support operation, either as a standalone function, or as an integrated extension of your own technical support capability.

From ITIL based Service Desk agents to systems administration and remote desktop support, Nidrah Global offers the full range of outsourced corporate technical support solutions. Add our certified server and network administrators to become a complete turnkey enterprise class I.T. Operations Center.

Learn more about our Consumer and Corporate Tech Support Solutions

Industry Leading Innovation – Mobile Voice/Video Agent Interaction, Omni Channel, Mobile Wallet, NFC Enabled Mobile Payment

Nidrah Global has partnered with Livegenicâ„¢ to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution that enables ad-hoc real-time video communication over the customer’s smartphone, tablet, or other IOS/Android device. With this revolutionary innovation, the agent sees what the customer sees, dramatically improving FCR, reducing technical resolution times, and reducing costs through reduced technician dispatch. Nidrah Global is also positioned to become a premier support services provider for the mobile wallet, mobile payment gateway, and Near Field Communication (NFC) services. We can build a customized support solution to fit the most complex consumer direct mobile commerce strategies.

We help businesses streamline customer interactions allowing dramatic improvements in first call resolution (FCR), increased rep success, and reducing or eliminating the need for on-site visits. In the hands of our skilled and trained Nidrah Global agents, the Livegenic platform becomes a game changer for your customer care organization.

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